Cover with wrapping, issue 923, march 2009
Design of the wrapping: onlab, Nicolas Bourquin
(image copyright: NASA)


Cover, issue 923, march 2009
Photography: Ori Gersht, Courtesy of mummery + schnelle, 2008


The image of a floral explosion and that of an astronaut patrolling the stars are imaginatively superimposed by onlab. Their design closes the series of dark-ground-covers for Domus; with a metaphor for a second Big Bang, the origin of an interspace - electronic and digital namesake - dominated by the Web.

Cover story, issue 923: Fernanda Dix

Instead of merely recording a photocopy of reality, Gersht is interested in bringing reality to a halt in a timeless time; as though boosting the power of the eye might somehow reveal a seocond reality whose levels overlap and eventually merge.