Ménage à 3

July 2010 - Summer term 2010: Nicolas Bourquin and Thibaud Tissot were visiting professors at the Bauhaus University Weimar.
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3 weeks, 3 teams, 3 guests, 3 products

1 magazine = 3 issues = 9 booklets = 72 pages.

Issue n°1, 04.05.2010: Rachel de Joode
Issue n°2, 08.06.2010: Barbara Stauss (Mare, Reporter Ohne Grenzen)
Issue n°3, 06.07.2010: Mika Mischler

Interviews, texts, images, concepts and design:
Group 0: Johannes Siebler, Felix Wetzel
Group 1: Konrad Angermüller, Marius Beine, Eugenia Kerner, Frédéric Krauser, Jelka Kretzschmar, Patrick Stalder, Katharina Stolhiok, Julia Wagner, Sabine Wermann
Group 2: Melissa Fiebig, Philipp Hollinger, Anna Kranebitter, Linda Kriegelstein, Michael Matzat, Adrian Palko, Lisa Rost, Holger Wilkens, Judith Winterhager
Group 3: Florian Apel, Janine Czichy, Maik Gräf, Uta Melletat, Frieder Oelze, Thomas Plank, Thekla Priebst, Ivo Santos, Claudia Symank

© Texts and images: all authors

Print: Druckwerkstatt Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Joerg von Stuckrad

Print run: 500 copies

Commonly "Ménage à Trois" signifies a relationship between three people - like a triangle in which each point is connected to two other points.

The student's task was to portray three guests that were invited to spend a day in the studio. Which methods of editorial design can help to capture the essence of a person? Which possibilities can be used to communicate individual content and character?

By means of defining clear rules, the design process is given priority while enabling a maximum degree of experimentation when it comes to final results.

Cover & poster

The 3 issues are wrapped inside a cover which is also a poster.

Issue n°1: Rachel de Joode

Rachel de Joode is a Dutch artist working in the field of photography and design. She splits her time between Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin working on own and commissioned projects.

Issue n°2: Barbara Stauss

After studying the technical skills of photography at the Lette Verein Berlin, Barbara Stauss was active as a photographer before starting to work as picture editor with a photo agency in Berlin. She co-founded Mare magazine in 1996 – a publication dedicated to classic photo reportage and picture essays. She has been the picture director of the magazine for more than a decade and is responsible for its photographic concepts.

Issue n°3: Mika Mischler

Michael Mischler worked with the Berlin based publishing house Die Gestalten for nine years. He founded the foundry binnenland with Nik Thoenen in 2007. He lives and works in Bern now.

Part of the pictures were shot by students.