onlab Summer School 2011 – Publication

September 2011 - Initiators, concept and coaching: onlab, Nicolas Bourquin and Thibaud Tissot
Project Management: onlab, Niloufar Tajeri
Assistance: Magdalena Gorgieva, Susanne Vetter
Content: betterplace lab (Joana Breidenbach and Dennis Buchmann )
Designers: Marie Artaker, Tereza Bettinardi, Anja Büchner, Miriam Busch, Lucia Del Zotto, Jessica Doria, Maria Eugenia Hernandez, Gustavo Inafuku, Sara Kabiri, Esa Matinvesi, Vasco Mourao, Elizaveta Oreshkina, Christina Pfeifer, Tommaso Pucci, Alice Rzenzonka, Ilaria Roglieri, Lauren Thorson, Francesca Valade, France Vannier, Elsa Westreicher, Gloria Zanotti

Paper: Symbol Tatami White, 115 g/m2 (provided by Fedrigoni)
Typefaces: New Fournier BP, Romain BP, Sangbleu BP, Simplon BP, Suisse BP (provided by b+p swiss typefaces)
Print: Printed by Gallery Print, Berlin, September 2011 Gallery Print
Assembling: Lankwitzer Werkstätten gGmbH, Berlin

The publication was developed and produced during our Summer School 2011

Chronology of a Failure

Beginning right after World War II, the fight against poverty has seen a new fad nearly every decade. Major institutions such as the World Bank, national governments and a growing number of NGOs declare a new ideology which promises to reduce hunger, and improve health, education and human rights at a stroke. Alas, neither the Green Revolution nor Structural Adjustment Policies nor a focus on participation led to real improvements in the lives of the poor. Has progress really been as disappointing as it looks, and do new approaches give any hope for improvement?

The publication has seven chapters and is printed in the two colors blue and red, giving it a consistent look though every chapter follows a different design approach. Each chapter is a poster of 50 x 70 cm on one side and once folded it reveals the double spreads of the publication on the other side. The seven chapters are bound together with rubber bands.


Dennis Buchmann from betterplace lab presents the publication