Substitut Berlin – applications

July 2009 - visual identity, art direction, design: onlab, Nicolas Bourquin and Thibaud Tissot, type design: Thibaud Tissot
Substitut, Berlin

Raum für aktuelle Kunst aus der Schweiz in Berlin

Substitut is a project of Urs Küenzi, art historian, curator and founder of White Space in Zürich.

Interview of Urs Küenzi on Swissinfo >

Substitut is a non-profit exhibition space with the aim to present Swiss artists in Berlin. The name is composed by 'subculture' and 'institute' and indicates its mixed nature. onlab's main principle for the corporate identity was to play with typography in a non-Swiss way, i.e. free as opposed to strict, and playful as opposed to formal.
The interior of the space is designed to be unfinished with crude walls which reveal the layers of the space's authentic past, hence the typography was designed to be multi-layered: only when composed the two typographic layers reveal the content of the exhibition. This element of decoding and unveiling suggests Substitute's unfinished and emerging nature.

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