Supplement Volume#15: Secure City – Public City

April 2008 - Art direction and design by Nicolas Bourquin and Jeannette Gaussi
Photography: Jeannette Gaussi
Editor: Niloufar Tajeri for Archis
Published as a supplement to Volume Magazine.

20 pages, 20 x 26.5 cm

In October 2007 a group of designers, architects and sociologists, among them Jeannette Gaussi and Niloufar Tajeri, took part in an urban fact-finding trip to Kabul, Afghanistan. Drawing from earlier experiences with RSVP events on a global scale, but also from an identified local urgency to think through future urban development in Kabul, the group instigated the event with the main goal to understand the complex correlation between security and public space beyond Western media, power struggles and the security bubble. As a result, this supplement was published dealing with the historical weight, deadlock of urban planning and omnipresence of the security industry in public space.

The supplement is characterized by a closely designed relation between content, imagery and layout. The seriousness of the content is underlined by a strict newspaper grid at times loosened up by headlines with a strong visual impact.