City of Tramelan – gazette

September 2007 - edited and published by: city of Tramelan
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design: onlab, Nicolas Bourquin, Thibaud Tissot; text and interviews: onlab, Nicolas Bourquin, Thibaud Tissot; photography: onlab and Joël Tettamanti
Newspaper, 3 issues, 48 pages, 13.5 x 21 cm, softcover, b/w photos, 5 colour print, french text

The 'Gazette‘, named 'Tramelan change de couleurs‘, was published to communicate the new visual identity of the city of Tramelan to the citizens and was introduced as a continuation of the traditional local newspapers that have long disappeared. The newspaper was distributed for free and exclusively to each household in 3 stages, every second week starting from the press conference beginning of September 2007.
Layout and printing principle are based on the 3 main topics of the new communication strategy of Tramelan. The topic of the first issue is related to the „lifestyle“ (magenta), the second is based on „knowledge“ (green) and the third presents „know-how“ (black). The newspaper's content grows with each issue. A subjective index as well as the colours help readers to navigate through the newspaper.