Swiss etc.

June 2004 - published by: Nicolas Bourquin, Sven Ehmann, Krystian Woznicki
art direction and design by onlab
24 pages, 42x60 cm, reader in newspaper format, english - sold out.
etc. publications

Contributors: Nicolas Bourquin, Sven Ehmann, Krystian Woznicki; Angelus Eisinger; Leo Fabrizio; Fluguro; Katja Gretzinger; Michael Hardt; Michael Hermann, Carlos Iglesias; Arthur Kroeber; Heiri Leuthold; Laura Horelli; Anton Moos; Alexander Missal; Roland Müller, Lordy Rodrigues; Andrew Ross; Peter Spillmann; Maria Tackmann; Joël Tettamanti; Clarissa Tossin; Gabi Vogt; Immanuel Wallerstein; 75B

The alpine state has spread out wide beyond its physical boundaries. Swiss etc. places this phenomenon in the discourse over the post-nation state.

Editors: Nicolas Bourquin, Sven Ehmann, Krystian Woznicki

Titles published in the etc series are thematic readers in newspaper format. Each reader adresses a current, politicaly relevant issue from different, unexpected, inspiring perspectives. The eidtors challenges authors from different backgrounds and different places around the world to declare their personal position either in written or visuals form.