Graphic Design Festival of Breda

onlab is invited to participate to the Graphic Design Festival of Breda.

From 17 to 27 April 2014, the fourth edition of the biennal Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB) will be held. The festival explores current developments in the field of graphic visual culture and presents it in the historic centre of Breda. This 2014 edition investigates the role designers play in a process of change and offers the public a guideline to apply this process in a personal context.
The infographics is based on the Article “The Ministry of Shell Affairs” by Marcel Metze, published in De Groene Amsterdammer. As main resource for the article and complementary film documentary “Tegenlicht – Big Data: The Shell Search” Marcel Metze used Wikileaks cables mostly related to political issues. The visualization features persons, organisations and countries that are connected to the British-Dutch oli and gas giant company throughout the 400 leaks.