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Design Reaktor Berlin

The book documents the Design Reaktor Berlin, an interdisciplinary research project on experimental product design cooperations between university students and small or medium-sized businesses in Berlin.

This is a book you want to spend time with.

Grafik Magazine, April 2009

Effectively creating five separate booklets bound into one package, onlab maintained a sense of clarity and functionality across the booklets, highlighting the common thread running through the project by linking sections of the book. Designed as both an in-depth read and an overview, the booklets are punctuated with large quotes, offering a digested read for people flickering through the book. This is, however, a book you want to spend time with, a typographic treat and an accomplished piece of paper engineering.

The book won the German Prize for Young Book Designers 2009: “The cohesion of this documentation of an experiment is determined by the subject matter of reactor and the very powerful, homogenous and harmonious typography.”

The Best German Book Design, Prize for Young Book Designers 2009


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