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Metalithikum II

Domesticating Symbols

‘Domesticating Symbols’ looks at the substrate on which today’s data-processing machines operate: information-technological media and apparatuses no longer operate primarily based on the substrate of physical forces and their mechanical principles. Rather, their effectiveness deploys on a quasi-immaterial bed made of probalistic signal horizons of symbolic codings, through which the erstwhile physical substrate is now formally gettind rendered, as ‘data’ in the sense of ‘information constellation’.

In this regard, it is important to stress that information technology today is no longer simply confined to elaborately controlling and investigating processes that may already be accessed through mechanical apparatuses. Indee, a movement is underway toward learning how to grant the energetic constitution of our world an own right, and form of address, amid its mechanical constraints.

‘Domesticating Symbols’ is the second volume based on the Metalithikum colloquies organized once a year, discussing particular technological developments that are economically significant and philosophically interesting. The conferences are organized by the applied virtuality theory lab at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zürich.

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