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Speculations Transformations

Thoughts on the Future of Germany's Cities and Regions

How will social conditions affect Germany’s built environments? Under which conditions are cities and regions changing? How are we going to live? The book Speculations Transformations is dedicated to the Future of Germany’s Cities and Regions: an atlas of Baukultur composed of texts, maps and photographies that drafts scenarios about the spatial, natural, urban, architectural, and social environments in which we might live in 2050, after having faced economic and infrastructural transformations.

Speculations Transformations emerged from the “Baukulturatlas 2030/2050” research project initiated in 2011. The project aimed to draft alternative future scenarios of spatial developments and built environments that are conceivable due to being based on contemporary situations and processes, while taking into consideration that constructing cities and regions involves both manifold perspectives of time, space and methods and the people working on and finally living in it. [Read more]

We are very pleased that Speculations Transformations has been awarded by Stiftung Buchkunst as one of the “Schönste Deutsche Bücher 2017”!

The book is organized in four thematic approaches: ANALYSIS – SPECULATIONS – REFLECTIONS – TRANSFORMATIONS

For ANALYSIS we developed and designed a series of maps and infographics facilitating a better understanding of the present, while subsuming SPECULATIONS about the changes of cities and regions cartographically as Netland, Wattland and Integralland. Therefor, we defined a system of representation for the depiction of the blurry, and a visual language and vocabulary displaying the underlying theses and discourses aesthetically. We simplified complexity and subsumed diverse levels of texts, illustrations, data, photography, and their interrelations in a layout that guides you through ideas and thoughts of how we are going to live in 2050.


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In designing and layouting the book, we had to consider four different levels of content: texts, data, illustrations and photography. While being separated within the book, texts and data are at the same time connected by a subtile system of mutual references between both parts, based on neon-orange dots covering the pages.



For the maps we thought about how represent and localize statistical data to facilitate a better understanding of the present: complex interrelations should be depicted in an uniform and pictorial way that makes them easily legible.

The basic diagram is a grid of Germany consisting of 7.269 squares à 2 x 2 mm that allows extremely diverse data to be formally systematized. The data itself is represented either by dots, semicircles, and lines of different density and size. The potential frequencies of the elements are defined, lines are always depicting additional levels of content.





Speculations: Netland



Speculations: Wattland





Speculations: Integralland



Photography has been treated in a way that obviously differs from the rest of the book both in layout and in paper (uncoated, thicker).

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