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A Poster Project

In order to stay in contact with the public during its closure, the Museé des beaux-arts Le Locle shifted its exhibition space to the urban one and commissioned eight international designers to create a poster exhibited successively in the Swiss City.

The decision to commission designers rather than artists may surprise, but the museum aimed to confront the designers with the task to create a work not serving the usual function of a poster from the outset. De facto, how does the usually service providing designer react once he is granted authorship? How does a communications expert work when there is no message, when the usual essence of his work is missing? What other opportunities besides delivering messages does a medium like the poster offer once freed from all thematic and formal constraints?

The selection of Swiss and international designers aspires to offer a wider audience an in-depth insight into graphic design today beyond codes and trends. While the participants have an international reputation, they remain foremost creators maintaining a close relationship with the medium in question or printed matter in general. They represent a contemporary attitude within the applied arts. Assuming ones function as craftman while questioning its traditional principles, working on a cross-disciplinary level, questioning the function as well as the meaning of an approach, or challenging the boundaries between various media, the graphic designer does not only settle for visually shaping information, but is even ready to accept a certain authorship.

The fact that a Museum of Fine Arts is interested in a medium like poster design, deciding to carry out a project like ‘Un/limited’, paradoxically maintains hope that the poster will not only be confined to white walls of museums and galleries in the future, but will retain its place on the streets, where it was born and to which it belongs, for an hopefully unlimited time…


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